Student Services

In collaboration with parents, schools, and the community, RMC Schools provide all students with educational services that foster academic, career, and personal/social growth. If you ever have questions about the services your child receives, or if you feel your child should be receiving services, please give us a call. We are always happy to help you.


Our guidance team provides a comprehensive counseling and guidance program to assist students in acquiring lifelong learning and coping skills in the areas of academic, career, and personal and social development.

We teach social-emotional learning lessons weekly in our elementary classrooms, and bimonthly in middle school. We also offer responsive services to provide support as students work through family circumstances, friendship issues, and other concerns that affect their classroom engagement and academic success.  

Beginning in high school, counselors support students through course enrollment and college-and career planning.

Reading Intervention

Our teachers use a variety of informal assessment methods to identify students struggling with basic reading skills such as letter naming, blending and manipulating letter sounds, recognizing spelling patterns, and reading multisyllabic words.  

We work with identified students one-on-one and in small groups using direct instruction and additional practice that helps them develop those necessary skills.

Special Education

We offer a variety of programs to students with disabilities in order to meet their individual needs. We believe in an inclusive educational philosophy and provide services on a continuum to ensure each student has access to the least restrictive environment.

But we also know how challenging it can be for parents to find resources to help their child with special needs succeed in school. There are so many rights, rules, regulations, forms, and jargon, it can be intimidating for parents and difficult to understand everything that is going on. So we’ve curated a list of resources we think might help. And of course, we are available to chat anytime during school hours. Just give us a call. We invite you to learn more by visiting Ms. Jenn Parkinson's website.