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High School At Its Best

Enroll in our "made in Idaho" online high school providing free self-paced study with the best student to teacher ratio of all online schools.

Mountain Home residents may attend our campus, with our successful "two classes at a time" schedule.

Our K-6 Montessori program is growing with high demand.  Currently providing Kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Enrolling Now For Online Summer School

Free online courses from local teachers available starting June 6th for qualified students. 

Credits earned at Richard McKenna are accepted at over 34,000 schools.  Complete the standard Idaho credit requirements and earn at least 6 credits through Richard McKenna to receive a high school diploma.

On a regular basis, a thorough in-person review is overseen by AdvancED.  Over 20 million students attend schools held to the same high standards as Richard McKenna.