Junior High Campus

Richard McKenna Charter Schools is a free, public charter school in southern Idaho. Our 7–8 grade program utilizes project-based learning to serve the students and families of Mountain Home and the Mountain Home Air Force Base.

project-based Learning

As a natural extension of the Montessori classroom, our seventh and eighth-grade curriculum centers upon project-based learning. Project-based learning methods help students gain knowledge and skills through the in-depth investigation of an authentic, complex question or problem. Students develop deep content knowledge as well as critical thinking and communication skills as they create meaningful projects or presentations to demonstrate their findings. Project-based learning is perfect for creative, hands-on learners and is a good introduction to the type of work students will do on the job in the “real world.”

Field Trips

Students often participate in field trips that enrich our curriculum and enhance student educational experiences. Families will receive one “walking field trip” permission slip at the beginning of each school year. Please complete and return this form to your child’s teacher as soon as possible so your child can participate. 

We will notify you of any field trips that require transportation and send a separate permission slip for such excursions.