High School At Its Best

Enroll in our "made in Idaho" online high school providing free self-paced study with the best student to teacher ratio of all online schools.

Mountain Home residents may attend our campus, with our successful "two classes at a time" schedule.

Our new K-6 Montessori program is growing with high demand.  Currently providing Kindergarten through 2nd grade.

2017-18 Registration Opens August 1st

Our mission is to provide a non-traditional educational environment for our students by emphasizing:
Project Based Learning
• Personal responsibility
• Outstanding citizenship

Credits earned at Richard McKenna are accepted at over 34,000 schools.  Complete the standard Idaho credit requirements and earn at least 6 credits through Richard McKenna to receive a high school diploma.

On a regular basis, a thourough in-person review is overseen by AdvancED.  Over 20 million students attend schools held to the same high standards as Richard McKenna.