Alternative Summer School

Summer school is avaiable for free to Idaho students.  However, due to state requirements, only students that qualify based on the following situations may enroll.

Meet 3 of these situations

  • Has repeated a grade
  • Absent more than 10% of days in the last semester
  • GPA less than 1.5 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Has failed an academic subject
  • Is two or more credits behind graduating on time
  • Has attended 3 or more schools within the previous 2 years, not including dual enrollment

OR any 1 of these situations

  • Has substance abuse behavior
  • Is pregnant or a parent
  • Is an emancipated youth
  • Is a previous dropout
  • Has serious personal, emotional, or medical problems
  • Is a court or agency referral
  • Demonstrates behavior that is detrimental to their academic progress

What is McKenna Online?

Started in 2002 as the first online school in the northwest, McKenna Online's courses are designed and taught by Idaho certified teachers. Online courses provide the same academic rigor and benefits of the classroom, but with greater convenience and flexibility. All students finishing course requirements receive an accredited high school diploma.

Our teachers are available during posted office hours via phone, email, text, chat, or video conferencing. You get to talk to a human being, not an automated system! Give it a try, call 208 580 2449 before 3pm on weekdays and say "Hi"

To best meet the workflow of online courses, we have created our own online learning system called Acquire.

Take a tour and try our demo by clicking Login and then "Login as a guest"

How it works

Our attendance is based upon course work completed, which is tracked by Acquire. Each course requires 90 hours of completed work, which may include student-to-student interaction via blogs and discussion boards. Credit is granted when a student completes all the daily assignments and the final project successfully.

All of our online students use their own computers and Internet access. You can use a Mac computer (preferably less than 8 years old) or Windows computer (preferably less than 4 years old). Lessons are best completed on a full computer, however most courses may be completed on a Chromebook or tablet if you prefer.