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Privacy Information for High School

At Richard McKenna, Google accounts are setup for free for all of our high school students.

This Google provides full-featured student email account (it can be used easily not only in a web browser, but with smart phones and native Mac/PC email clients and has great spam filtering). Teachers use this this as a primary form of contact when reaching out to students. Access your email by going to and entering your full email address for the username, or click the email icon found in our learning management system. Our learning management system connects with your gmail account to display an unread message count on the email icon so new emails can be noticed while working on homework.

The Google account also provides Google Docs. Students use this to write up reports and other homework documents. Our learning management system connects with your Google Docs account to make it one-click easy to turn in work.  The course teacher may give themselves edit access to documents that a student has turned in as part of an assignment.

Also, online students use Google Sites to create a website as a place to build a portfolio of work throughout the high school years. This site is intended to be shareable and a public representation of the quality of the student's work. Richard McKenna does not post or share the website outside of our teachers and staff, but students may share the site with others.

The Google accounts are intended for current students and may be deactivated or deleted after the student leaves the school.