General Openings

Substitute Teacher      -- apply online --
Richard McKenna Public Charters Schools in looking for individuals to be substitutes in a positive and caring learning enviornment. We are located in Mountain Home, ID and serve students in Elementary, Jr High, and High School.

Business Manager      -- apply online --
The Business Manager is responsible to maintain a thorough and efficient operation of all non-instructional services of the school district including finance, employee benefit programs, purchasing through effective delegation, supervision and review.

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Accounting or similar related discipline
2. Five (5) years of prior related school district experience in lieu of the above educational requirements 
3. A working knowledge and thorough understanding of fund accounting and generally accepted accounting practices 
4. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find acceptable and reasonable

REPORTS TO: Superintendent/Board of Trustees

JOB GOAL: To plan and manage the business affairs of the school system in compliance with the compliance of the Superintendent, pertinent laws, state regulations, and Board policies.

 • Acts ethically and confidentially in all aspects of employment.
 • Acts as advisor to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees on all questions relating to the business and financial affairs of the school district.
 • Prepares and analyzes financial information for annual fiscal year end audit.
 • Reports necessary information including certified/classified personnel data, student data, and completes all reports for the SDE.
 • Receives deposits and monitors investments of all district funds as designated by the Board of Trustees and /or Superintendent in accordance with the provisions of the public depository laws.
 • Initiates the projection of budget revenues and expenditures, development of financial referenda and preparation of prospectus for bond sales with assistance from the Superintendent.
 • Coordinates and implements District budgets, providing applicable monthly reports to: Superintendent, Board of Trustees, School Principals, and other department managers.
 • Assists the Superintendent with preparation for specifications on purchases, which are to be submitted for bid and has specifications approved by appropriate persons prior to publication.
 • Assists Superintendent, School Principals, and Supervisors in budgeting, monitoring monthly expenditures, and providing monthly detailed expenditures.
 • Processes all purchase orders and verifies budget codes, which have been properly authorized by the signature of person in charge of budget area.
 • Issues checks for payment of all district bills. 
 • Maintains such payroll and accounting procedures as are necessary to prepare the reports on expenditures, revenues, and financial affairs of the District as required by law and the District Board of Trustees and Superintendent.
 • Works with Superintendent to maintain updated and appropriate accounting procedures, job descriptions, financial and proposed budget reports and the District policy and procedures.
 • Keeps records covering the financial history of school properties, together with appraisals of estimates of present value.
 • Keeps a record of all property insurance of the District
 • Files necessary documentation on insurance claims for the School District.
 • Assists the Superintendent in maintaining records of fixed assets of all buildings, insurance, and audit purposes.
 • Monitors student activity accounts for each school and maintains financial information concerning their receipts and disbursements.
 • Attends School Board meetings to present financial reports and to answer any questions that may arise regarding financial responsibility.
 • Posts and publishes legal notices as required by law.
 • Maintains a friendly and helpful atmosphere in the district office.
 • Human Resource duties as assigned by the Superintendent.
 • Performs other tasks as assigned by the Superintendent.
 • Returns requests for information by the date and time specified.
 • Meets deadlines as established by the State of Idaho, Federal Government and by the Superintendent.
 • Promptly informs the Superintendent of problems needing attention.

Richard McKenna Online

No openings at this time.

Richard McKenna On Campus

See Substitute Teacher position above in general openings.

Richard McKenna Montessori

See Substitute Teacher position above in general openings.

Montessori Upper Elementary Teacher      -- apply online --

Richard McKenna Charter School, located in Mountain Home, Idaho, is seeking an individual who is highly motivated and interested in working in a highly positive environment to provide Montessori education.  

Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. In Montessori classrooms children make creative choices in their learning, while the classroom and the highly trained teacher offer age-appropriate activities to guide the process.

Full time position in a public Montessori charter school currently available.

Successful applicants must be Idaho Certified. Classroom teachers must be willing to become Montessori certified by participating in an online Montessori training program.

Please provide the following for consideration in the posted position.

1. Letter of Application/Interest

2. Application online -

3. Authorization for Release of Information on Past Employment with School Employers Idaho Code 33-1210

4. Resume

5. Copies of Transcripts

6. Placement File or Three Letters of Recommendation

7. Copy of Current Teaching Certificate

Please direct questions to Dennis Wilson, Superintendent, by calling (208) 580-2449 or email him at [email protected]

Classroom Teacher Assistant      -- apply online --

Reports to: Lead Teacher

Compensation: compensation is hourly.

The role of the Montessori Assistant is to assist the Lead Teacher in preparing and maintaining the environment in which the Montessori approach to education is implemented. Key Duties and Responsibilities Work collaboratively with staff to develop and implement a curriculum that follows the Montessori philosophy. Represent the school mission, vision and goals to parents and members of the community in a positive and supportive manner.

Assist Lead Teacher to prepare and maintain a clean, orderly and attractive Montessori classroom.

 • Engage students in maintaining the indoor and outdoor environment as appropriate.

 • Care for materials, keeping them complete, clean, beautiful, and accessible to children.

 • Keep environment, storage area and supplies clean, neat and organized.

 • Regularly rotate, update and expand materials to correspond to student needs.

 • Make, repair and/or replace classroom materials as needed.

Share responsibility for the daily safety, well-being and supervision of students. Demonstrate respect, kindness and rapport with all students.

Assist Lead Teacher to prepare for Parent Gatherings parents in the fall and spring of each year.

Assist in preparing written student evaluation of each child’s academic, social, and physical development to share with families during conferences.

Respond promptly and professionally in communication with parents and staff.

Attend and participate in staff meetings, school events, field trips and training opportunities.

Assist with parent education and outreach, including monthly newsletter articles, blog posts, and parent education workshops.

Adhere to professional standards as an educator for the purpose of maintaining quality and excellence. Work with other staff to maintain professional relationships of support and respect.

Complete an annual evaluation and review with the Lead Teacher and Administration.

Be responsible for annual continuing education and professional development requirements.

Report all accidents or unusual situations to Directress and submit a dated Accident Report in student file.

Notify administration in a timely manner of personal or professional difficulties with school, families, students or staff, and work with them to resolve such problems.


The Montessori Assistant shall perform his/her duties subject to the general supervision and direction of the Lead Teacher, and shall abide by all reasonable rules, regulations and policies set forth in the Student and Staff Handbooks.

Character Qualities All staff members strive for the following characteristics in their work: excellence, competence, innovation, collaboration, respect, resourcefulness, flexibility and accountability.