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Substitute Teacher      -- apply online --

Richard McKenna Public Charters Schools in looking for individuals to be substitutes in a positive and caring learning enviornment. We are located in Mountain Home, ID and serve students in Elementary, Jr High, and High School.

Richard McKenna Online

No openings at this time.

Richard McKenna On Campus

See Substitute Teacher position above in general openings.

Richard McKenna Montessori

See Substitute Teacher position above in general openings.

Classroom Teacher Assistant for Junior High and PE      -- apply online --


Reports to: Classroom Teacher

Compensation: Hourly.

The role of the Assistant is to assist the Classroom Teacher in preparing and maintaining the classroom environment, and to oversee the PE program of the school. Key Duties and Responsibilities Work collaboratively with staff to develop and implement a curriculum that follows the Project-Baes Learning model. Prepare lessons for PE classes for all levels of the school. Represent the school mission, vision and goals to parents and members of the community in a positive and supportive manner.

Assist Lead Teacher to prepare and maintain a clean, orderly and attractive classroom.

 • Engage students in maintaining the indoor and outdoor environment as appropriate.

 • Care for materials, keeping them complete, clean, beautiful, and accessible to children.

 • Keep environment, storage area and supplies clean, neat and organized.

 • Regularly rotate, update and expand materials to correspond to student needs.

 • Make, repair and/or replace classroom materials as needed.

 • Prepare lessons for PE classes.

 • Maintain order and cleanliness in the classroom and PE area.

 • Supervise recess as assigned.

Share responsibility for the daily safety, well-being and supervision of students. Demonstrate respect, kindness and rapport with all students.

Assist Classroom Teacher to prepare for Parent Gatherings parents in the fall and spring of each year.

Assist in preparing written student evaluation of each child’s academic, social, and physical development to share with families during conferences.

Respond promptly and professionally in communication with parents and staff.

Attend and participate in staff meetings, school events, field trips and training opportunities.

Assist with parent education and outreach, including monthly newsletter articles, blog posts, and parent education workshops.

Adhere to professional standards as an educator for the purpose of maintaining quality and excellence. Work with other staff to maintain professional relationships of support and respect.

Complete an annual evaluation and review with the Classroom Teacher and Administration.

Be responsible for annual continuing education and professional development requirements.

Report all accidents or unusual situations to Directress and submit a dated Accident Report in student file.

Notify administration in a timely manner of personal or professional difficulties with school, families, students or staff, and work with them to resolve such problems.


The Assistant shall perform his/her duties subject to the general supervision and direction of the Classroom Teacher, and shall abide by all reasonable rules, regulations and policies set forth in the Student and Staff Handbooks.

Character Qualities: All staff members strive for the following characteristics in their work: excellence, competence, innovation, collaboration, respect, resourcefulness, flexibility and accountability.