Who is Richard McKenna?

Richard Milton McKenna (Born May 9, 1913 in Mountain Home, Idaho) was an American sailor and novelist. He was best known for his historical novel, The Sand Pebbles which tells the story of an American sailor serving aboard a gunboat on the Chinese Yangtze River in the 1926.  More about his life and career is available on Wikipedia.

Our Charter

Meeting Minutes

Public Financials

Continuous Improvement Plan

Board of Directors

Margaret (Meg) Warren - Chairman
Meg has an engineering degree and also studied Studio Art Textiles. She was recommended to our board by one of the original board members, Evanna Hamilton, as someone who has great knowledge in many areas and would be a great asset to our board. She was voted on to the board at the July 2005 meeting and has been a member since that time.

Donald Dow – Vice Chairman
Don was an Air Traffic Controller in the USAF. After retirement he became a financial planner. He has financial knowledge and also had a daughter that attended our school. He was recommended to the board and was voted onto the board at the February 2007 meeting.
Douglas Mayne – Treasurer
Doug is a local business owner with many ties to the community. He was instrumental in helping to acquire the donations needed to complete the wind turbine at the school. He also has great knowledge to help and advise the board on maintenance issues for the schools. He was voted onto the board at the June 2010 board Meeting.

Melody Landis – Secretary
Melody and her husband own and run a farm in the community. At the time Melody joined the board, her foster daughter was attending the school. The board thought it would bring insight to what they were trying to accomplish by inviting a parent to join the board. She accepted and was voted onto the board at the October 2007 meeting. She took a short leave from the board in the fall of 2008 and returned to the board in the spring of 2009.
Kyle Davis – Board Member

Page Borgholthaus – Board Member
Page is trained in Montessori methods and owned and operated Children’s House Montessori in our community for many years. She has great knowledge regarding Montessori methods. With her great knowledge and experience, she was invited to join the board. She accepted the invitation and was voted onto the board at the June 2015 board Meeting.
Chantel Durrence is the Business Manager and acts as the Clerk of the board but is not a voting member.